Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner. Born in Houston Texas on a cattle ranch in 82, when he was 8 years old he rode a horse from Houston through "Loo"siana up I-10 quicker 'n a hurricane!! {spits tobacco} He ended up on a beach in south Florida and "learnt" to fish and build hot rods! He left there after "20 some odd years" with a hankering for the mountains and an oversized margherita! After falling in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the woman of his dreams, who he now calls his darlin' wife {shoots colt 45 cap gun... blows away pretend gunsmoke} - they thought then it was high time to set up shop and do some rootin' tootin' real estate! {more pretend shots fired} That's about when they happened upon the Overmans and the chance to find gold in them thar hills known as "the housing market" ...from that day forward, the Asheville Dream Team was formed! Call Chris to get your boot scootin - whoa there, we mean home search going today!

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